The Wind Blew!

Its spring and that means lots of windy days! Spend some time doing a few activities that focus on the wind.

My favorite book about wind is The Wind Blew, by Pat Hutchins.

Another good one is called Feel the Wind by Arthur Burros.

Gather a few items from around the house that can be easily blown. I use a feather, a ping pong ball, wooden bead, a tissue, and a foam ball. You will also need a straw that bends.

For older children, my daughter is 6 and I do this lesson with 4-5 year olds, bend the straw and hold it like a pipe. For younger kids, like my two year old, keep the straw straight. Also, before you start, have your child make a guess about whether each item can be blown (hypothesis.) To extend their thinking even further, have them make a simple chart with pictures of each item. Have them put an X or check next to each item after they try them (data collection.) Explain that these are things real scientist do when they are doing experiments!

Now, start blowing! Start with the lightest things first (feather, tissue) and move towards the heavier, harder to balance items (bead, ping pong ball.) You will have to help your child hold the straw steady. It may take a few tries, but all of these things will blow upwards. The wooden bead and ping pong ball will hover above the end of the straw. But, be prepared to chase them across the floor lots of times!

Since you have the straws out, try one more wind activity called “Wind Paining.” I used water color paints and filled each color with extra water. Use a dropper to get a little paint out and drop on the paper. Using the straw, blow the paint all around the paper to make a really cool design. Watch what happens when the colors start to run together!

Now that your child is an expert on wind, take them on a wind walk. Have them point out all the things the wind is blowing. When you get back, encourage them to journal (or draw) the things they saw that the wind was blowing!
Have fun!

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