What’s Up Wednesday?!?!

This weekend I had a “very simple project” on my list. This project was “so simple” that I had many other “to do” things on the list after this project. Unfortunately, this “simple” project took the whole day! Sigh… Oh well, it was worth it!

 We had these beautiful pictures made in May and I have been slowly collecting things to go in the “montage” on a very large wall in our new house. I loved these sub way art signs I have been seeing all over Pinterest, so the last thing I needed to do was to make this sign and get Hubby up on the ladder.

 It’s a very tall ladder…. Our living room is a two story open living room and there is this giant wall, well 4 of them, but this one in particular really needed something!

 He looks so happy to be helping. He is such a good liar! It’s agood thing he’s cute! And good with a hammer and drill…

So here is my version of the “In this House…” sign. If you notice the spelling mistake on the last one, just refer to #2. Yea, I planned it that way… riiiight.

 The sign really was easy, just lots of steps. And waiting.  First I used my “on its last leg” Cricut mat and Cricut to cut the letters out of contact paper. If your wondering, they were 3″ and I can’t remember the cart I used. Email me if you really want to know and I’ll go look… LOL!

 Since we live in a new neighborhood, there is lots of free lumber laying around! Yea, they leave it all over the place so the new home owners can build shelves and Subway art sign!! (Giggle, Giggle, Snort!) Anyway, Hubby went for a little look see around the neighborhood and found some 1 X 4 pieces. he cut them down to 2 feet sections and used wood glue and screws to adhere them onto some scrap wood pieces across the back. I painted it with some old off white house paint. This is where all the waiting came in. The wood was wet from the big rain the night before… I was not being patient!

Finally, I put the letters onto the wood and then spray painted it Black. I let this dry and then peeled the letters off. And, voila! Subway art!

Here is the view from the top of the stairs.

And the whole picture…
I just love the way the light streams in the windows in the late afternoon… I love my new house!

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Have a great Wednesday!!

12 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday?!?!”

  1. Awesome idea. I would like to do one of these on a scaled back version. I don't have that big of a space to put one in lol.

  2. I love this!! So aweseome!! And you used my favorite Cricut cartridge – Simply Sweet. I use it so much I'm afraid it will die on me someday! 😉

  3. AWESOME project Erica! Love how it all looks together! 🙂 I sooo need to use my Cricut more often…lol…

  4. Very cute! Your house is gorgeous! I'm just waiting for the day we can move into a new house!!!!

  5. Your wall is beautiful! And in regards to that spelling type….I believe you stated "We do Mistakes" Great job!

  6. Wow, that looks amazing!!! I can't believe you made it yourself – I thought it was something you had bought! The pictures you paired with it are gorgeous and it makes for such a nice display! Thansk for sharing!

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