We’re back from the Allure!

Hello everyone! 
We’re back from the 2014 Stampin Up Allure of the Seas Caribbean Cruise . Wow. Words can’t express how amazing this tip was for me and my family! Today I’m rushing to get 5 suitcases unpacked and washed, grocery shopped and squeeze in a pedi visit for the two cases of swimmers ear. I am uploading just a few highlight pictures for you. I will have more details though out the week! 

 The Allure is the world’s largest Cruise Ship! It was AMAZING!!

Lot’s of Carousel visits! (Addie’s favorite thing was the Carousel, which she rode about 5 times a day, and her sword from Haiti. Yes, a sword. That kid…)

 Lot’s of character visits!

Lots of amazing sunrises and sunsets!

Lots of goodies from Stampin; Up, including for for the kids!

Lots of beautiful beaches and scenery!

 Lots of sleepy faces and grouchy kids by days end…

Tons of cute tushy shots! Am I the only one who loves to take pictures of my kids’ tanned tushes?? I’m a weirdo, I know! LOL!

Lot’s of sisterly love!

Lot’s of beach play!

Lots of seashells! 

Lot’s of silly friend fun! (Yep, that’s my partner in crime Erin Gonzales!!)

 Lot’s of face painting!

 Lot’s of quality family time! (My favorite part of the whole trip!!)

A little parasailing… not me, hubby!

Lots of rock wall climbing!

 Lot’s of socializing and eating!! (I am not making eye contact with the scale for at least a week!!!)

Did I mention the kids activities!?! Holy cow people, the kids were WELL taken care of!

Lot’s of zip lining.. NOT me!!! My oldest and hubby enjoyed this.
Thank you to each and everyone of you who helped send me on this Cruise by placing an order from me last year. I have NOT earned Hawaii yet, and now I am desperate! How can I miss out on this?? SO, stay tuned for some amazing incentives I am offering you over the next six weeks! 
I’ll be back tomorrow! Have a great monday!
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Happy Hexagon
Papillon Potpourri 

6 thoughts on “We’re back from the Allure!”

  1. Your photos are amazing and that one of the sun beaming through the clouds is stunning! I'm so happy that you got to take your family on this trip! Glad you enjoyed it!

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