Welcome to The Bat Cave

Last year when we were shopping for a new home, top on my list was a BIG Scrapbook room. And hubby was fine with that, as long as he got his 3 car garage. Well, we found our dream home that included a wonderful, big loft for me in which my husband lovingly refers to as the Bat Cave. (Don’t ask him about that 3 car garage….There’s always something you have to give up when finding a new house right!??)
I’ve had several requests to show you where I work, so today was the perfect opportunity. I had a small class scheduled and I spent a bunch of time yesterday cleaning and de-cluttering! So, don’t think it’s always this clean and organized!

I have a large table where I work along the wall. The smaller round table seats four and is for small classes or scrappy time with my girlfriends!

As you can see, as soon as you come up the stairs, there is my cave. No door. No way to keep the children and their toys out. Usually in that little area where you see the shoes, there are Potato heads, Build A Bears, colored pencils and anything else they drag in there. I shouldn’t complain I guess. They love me and want to be with me… every waking second…. “Someday you’ll miss it”… yea, yea… 😉

This wall holds my sewing machine and a shelf full of IKEA boxes.

So, back to my desk. Why is there hockey on my TV? No idea. I don’t allow sports in my cave. It’s usually something involving Richard Geer, Kathryn Heigle or Amy Adams. You know, sappy chic flicks.  But, the TV is a necessity.

I store my stamp pads, markers and reinkers in this beautiful thing my hubby made me several years ago. I asked for one I found online that was mega bucks and he said “I can make that, no problem!” And he did! And I love it. Except for one tiny little detail.. the marker holes are just a tad too tight, so all my lids are stuck in there. He says “What’s the big deal?” Yea, OK. So, there is also a jar full of new markers there too! Ha!

I’m always working on some kind of challenge. i print a bunch of them out and work on them through out the week. This is also where I keep my “SU grocery list.” Oh, and always a Diet Coke!

This is a rolling shelf from a local craft store. It’s a piece of junk, but it works. It’s on wheels, but really it stays right where it’s at. You can see one of the handles is gone! But this is where I throw nicely place all my ribbon.

OH! Busted! Yes, I hate rolling those dang spools back up! About every 6 months, I make it all nice and neat again. It lasts for about a week…

Most of my SU stuff is with in reach. These little drawers have all my jewels, spots, embossing supplies, clear blocks, dimensionals and one drawer is just for Whisper White scraps.

Pretty isn’t it! Such a good hubby I have!

My punches are all stored on those $2 bars from IKEA. They are THE BEST. I forget what they are called. Email me if you need the name and I’ll look it up.

These cheap and hideous lovely storage cubes are part of Martha’s design at Home Depot. They store photos, cards, projects, non SU supplies.

And the Big Shot station. Love it!

My man also built me these awesome shelves for my wall. These, I absolutely LOVE!

Now, imagine these shelves crammed full of stamps. Yep, before I cleaned out all my retired stamps, that’s what it looked like. Look at what I have left! Oh my word. I feel sick when i look at this shelf! And, that  includes some of the retired ones I’m keeping!

Catalog holder found at TJ Maxx Home Goods.

This is usually my “electronic dicutting” station. But, a friend is borrowing it right now, so it’s missing. So, I piled all my retiring stamps there.

Stay tuned to find out how you can get your hands on these babies!

Wall of Honor. I hang my favorite pages on this wall. It’s interchangeable. I get tired of some of them, so I switch them out.

A little corner for my Bernina! Love it! My mom spoils me I tell ya! And a few vintage crates to showcase projects. One is hiding because I can’t show it to you yet! 😉

A close up. Now I’m just being rude right? Why can’t I show it to you? Well, I will. Just not until July. 😉

Antique china hutch holds lots of current junk!

My vintage shopping cart holds lots of DSP!

Paper cutter station.

More of the junky SB storage from the local craft store. I mean, it works. It’s just junky. Someday, I’ll have fancy cabinets. Someday. this is where I store my cardstock and business supplies.

I’ve tried lots of ways to store scraps over the year. This is THE BEST. Easy to get to and easy to get stuff out of!

More Decor.

 Class set up.

 And I moved all the retired stamps and brought in some snacks for my guests.

So, there you have it. Where the craziness magic happens! Usually, with a lot of scraps on the floor, rouge potato heads, a few shoes and an over flowing trash can. But, hey, this is the Internet, so I can make it look like this is how I always scrap, right!?

Hope you survive Monday! Thanks for stopping by!
And, in case you’ve forgotten:
2011-2012 Retirement List can be seen HERE.
All my classes can be seen HERE.
Stamper’s Round Up Card details can be seen HERE.

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11 thoughts on “Welcome to The Bat Cave”

  1. What an awesome room!! Bravo!!! I hope when we have a bigger place, my room will look more like this! I'm so crammed right now.

  2. Bee you t full! Wish I were there with you making cards or entertaining the girls while you make cards!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love the ink/reinker/marker storage unit the best. You gave me some ideas for whenever I get my own space to craft in. Also ideas for now with my vintage items.

  4. One of the first things I noticed was that hockey was on the tv. How funny is that!!! I was like wow. I didn't know she watched hockey. lol

  5. wow, can I come live with you….lol. what a sensational room, I am so very jealous….. I really loved the ink pad holder, where ever did you get it… thanx for sharing your room…

  6. Wowzers! What an awesome room. Wanna come and help me organize mine? I have ideas, cabinets, curtain rods, etc to get put up and no time to get them done *sigh* Hopefully I can make a dent in it soon.

  7. LOVE your batcave and am insanely jealous! I think I would have to alter those Martha Stewart drawers…..hmmmm, the possibilities are endless.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your Bat Cave! It's wonderful, and such beautiful projects come out of it. I especially love the Wall of Fame and the sewing table. I love the space where your girls bring their things, that way you can keep an eye and ear on them!

  9. LOVE this room!! Thanks for sharing….and motivating me to get on the ball and get to cleaning mine out!! Someday I'll get to see it in person!!

  10. Erica: Such a fabulous room. Well thought out and very PRETTY. Would love to get my hands on one of those vintage shopping carts – any suggestions on where to purchase one? Many THANKS for sharing your space and some awesome storage tips too.

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