Trick or Treat!

Halloween is my second most favorite holiday. I would say its my very favorite, but I always feel bad saying that. People look down on Halloween because of all the…well, you know- “Bad Stuff!” But for me, Halloween is all about pumpkins, costumes and candy! I mean, what could be more fun?
This year, my girls were “China Girls” for lack of a better term. “Geisha” sounds kind of, hence the generic term! LOL! Ellie got the idea durring the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and so “China Girl” was born. And, being the little sister to the one and only Ellie, Emma just gets sucked in! It wont last forever, but for now, I will dress them in coordinating cosumes!
I got this fabulous paper from Stampin Up. Its called “Rockability.” It goes perfect! I actually worried about these costumes when I ordered them. How will I scrap them when they are red and Halloween pape ris orange?? But, this paper was perfect! See the skulls? The skull stamp is alsom from Stampin Up and its called “Just Jawing.” I {heart} Stampin Up!!
“Candy Time”

“Halloween 08”

“Lil’ Trickster”

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