We have a tradition in our little family that I started when my oldest was two. Being a teacher, I of course love books! I started collecting Christmas literature many years ago. I buy lots of books through the Scholastic Book Orders, as well as half priced book stores. I decided that for our “Countdown to Christmas,” my kids would unwrap a book each night until we got to Christmas Eve, where the book of course would be “The Night Before Christmas.”

Our book collection has grown considerably over the years. Now we get 2-3 books each night (we use the same ones each year!) My husband and I would grinch each year as we spent an entire evening in November wrapping all those stinking books! So, this year I splurged and bought gift bags (Ok, 2/$1.00 isn’t really all that bad, thank you Dollar Tree!)

And those plane old bags needed a little dressing up! I used StampinUp’s Two Tags die and a couple of punches to make simple, easy to read tags. My girls know that each night, they look for the next number and we open that gift. We snuggle up as a family and read them right then! Its a fabulous tradition!

So, how long do you think it’s going to take my 2 year old to notice these??? LOL! And how many times will I be restuffing these bags over the next 25 days?? AHHH! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Traditions…”

  1. Great tradition! I have just finished making an advent calendar for my girls with hairclips, hairbands and christmas stickers in little bags and boxes for each day. I love yours with books!

  2. Such a wonderful family tradition! I just love how you wrapped them up to add excitement, too! 🙂

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