Tiny Box of Sunshine Video Tutorial

I’ve decided to step it up a little in one area of my business. That area is teaching through VIDEOS! Now, let me tell ya, I don’t love making videos. Everything always goes wrong and gets messed up when that camera comes on! But, I know you guys love videos (I do too!!) so I am making it a priority! My goal is one new video a week. Hopefully, I can do two a week and eventually more, but for now, we’ll say one. You guys keep me accountable too, ok? 

But, there is something I need from you all! First, make sure you subscribe to my You Tube channel (click on the icon below!!) Second, please leave me some feedback and ideas! If I don’t hear from you, I will loose steam and give up… Give me some ideas! What do you want to see? What don’t you want to see? 3D? Techniques? Basics? Everything?? Give me some ideas. Tell me, y’all!! 🙂
OK, so I love today’s project!! As you know, I have come up with a class to go based on the Ray of Sunshine Stamp Set. Today, I wanted to make a few little goodies for everyone who purchased this class to go, and I came up with these TINY Boxes of Sunshine. 

It’s difficult to see how tiny they are. But, the box is just 2″ across! That circle is just 1″. Tiny! And when a box is tiny, it requires less “stuff” to go inside, which means you spend less money. Candy is expensive! And, I eat most of it and gain weight! Uhg! 😉 So, tiny is good! 

Look at the bottom. Do you recognize that box?? It’s actually something already made that you can purchase in the catalog! 

And here are some of them all lined up ready to be filled. I just love these little babies! 

And did you notice it’s a SHAKER!! Hello! A shaker box! So. Fun. My girls love these shakers!

Ok, so do you want to know how to make it? Well, without further ado, here is today’s video. (And just so you know, EVERYTHING that could go wrong today, did! But, I figure we’d just “keep it real!!” Enjoy!

The measurements you need are:
Lid- Daffodil Delight 3″ square, scored at 1/2 on all 4 sides, placing a stack of 6 Post It notes on the edge (watch the video!) 
All other things are listed below. 

Thanks for stopping by today! Make sure to check out all my upcoming classes!!

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  1. No worries as far as being an expert on videos. You are a teacher, and your videos are excellent! You have that wonderful "teacher voice" that pulls me into learn. And, I love, love, love 3D! My very favorite! Wonderful video! So glad to hear the news of more to come.

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