Tie- Dye…like the old days!

We all remember the tie dyed stuff we had as a kid. And the first time we were involved in tie dying process. My first time was summer church camp, maybe Jr. High. I can’t say I love the look of tie dye so much that I actually want to wear it, but I do really like the art of tie dying!

Every year for Field Day, I make my Kinder class a set of team shirts. I usualy go red, but this year I broke away from the norm. The theme this year is “Survivor.” So, I thought…Africa…Zebra…black and white tie dye. So, I got brave and bought BLACK dye! Yikes!
So, for those of you who have never tie dyed yourself, its very, very simple. First, figure out what patternt you want. The pattern determines the way you rubber band your shirts. This websight, All About Hand Dying, is a great resource for figuring out how to “tie” your fabric.

So, I went for a stripe. I accordian folded the shirts vertically, then rubber banded them in about 7 places up and down the “roll.”

I bought rit dye at Walmart (on the laundry detergent isle.) I bought two bottles because I was very worried about ending up with grey instead of black! Be very, very careful with this stuff. It stains anything it touches! The top of my washer still has pink spots from many years ago!

Fill the washer up with hot water. Add the dye. My mom suggested adding salt as its supposed to make the color more intense. I added 2 cups and let the washer agitate just a tad to mix it all up.Throw in your shirts. It says on the bottle to let them sit in the dye for 30 minutes. Because I was so concerend about the color being dull, I let them soak over night. When I got up, I put down the lid and let the cycle finish. I then reset the machine and washed them with detergent.

I was very happy with the color! I unwrapped them and threw them in the dryer. They did fade a little, but still look very cool! Not quite the “Zebra” look, but still coll none the less!

So, what are YOU going to dye! Let me know if you do!
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