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This weeks Challenge is “Giving Thanks”. As we gather around the table this Holiday Season, let’s give thanks for friends and family that have blessed our lives. Show us your inspiration of what the table brings to you during this special time when we gather together.
Ok, I couldn’t help myself! I found these soaps while looking for these. So, last one for a while! I just can’t stop making these antibacterial holders!

Tutorial can be found here.

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              1. Love that you made a white pumpkin for the front. I'm a sucker for white pumpkins! Your little holders are always so cute. Wonderful details, even on the inside!

              2. Adorable!!! I LOVE the white pumpkins with the DSP!!! I can't get enough of all these cute little holders!! What a marvelous idea!! I can't wait for what you come up with at x-mas!!! GREAT JOB!!!! Amy

              3. You and bath and body works, lol! I think I have an aversion to hand sanitizers since I have to rely on it so heavily at work but maybe I should get some of the good smelling kinds like these! These boxes are just as cute as your others and I love your pumpkin!!!! And the frayed ribbon is perfect!

              4. This is so pretty and the pumpkin looks great in white against the more mustard! I usually only get into BBW around Christmas (the nearest one is about 1 hr away) and I had no idea they had different bottles for each season!!

              5. I LOVE the white pumpkin on the front of your signature sanitizer box, so cute! and miss being so close to a Bath & Body Works, sniff! 🙁

              6. The white pumpkin on the DSP is perfect. So elegant! You do such a great job with the these antibacterial products. Thanks for the inspiration.

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