Thankful Thoughts

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! It’s March 1st, so I actually have a card with a clover! I totally didn’t plan that, but hey- it would be great for St. Patricks day! 

We’re done with 4H this year, and thankfully, all the Thank You cards have been written and sent. I did make one special one for the local 4H Booster Club. The 4H symbol is a clover, so I HAD to find a way to make a card with a clover. I didn’t have a clover stamp (what in the world??),  so I made one with a heart stamp!

I used the heart from the Sealed With Love stamp set along with the stem stamp from Jar of Love. Sometimes, you need to pull stamps from different sets to get what you want, right? I love looking through my stamps and try to think of other ways to use them besides their obvious intended use! The sentiment is form Thankful Thoughts. The DSP is called Floral Boutique. 

And of course, I had to fancy up the inside too!

And how about a bunny update? As you know, my daughter raised a “meat pen” of bunnies for 4H which is only three bunnies. We started with four bunnies and she showed the best three. Well, the little “runt” is now named Stella and is living the life of a Queen here at our house. She hangs out in my office all day chewing up paper scraps and ribbon spools. She thinks she’s in heaven! And you’ll notice the door is blocked off… that’s because when I feed her veggies, my schnauzers go crazy and steal them and eat them!! Who knew Brussel Sprouts could be dog food? Ha! I have a crazy circus here at home I tell ya!
Have a great day everyone!!  
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