Thank You…

This morning, I woke up to some very good news…
With only a few days left, I earned the Stampin’ Up Grand Vacation; A Western Caribbean Cruise! When I was at convention last year and they announced it I didn’t even consider it as a possibility… Amazing! So, I want to thank all of you for your help in making my year one for the record books!! I truly am BLESSED to have Stampin’ Up and all the friends it has brought into my life. 
With that being said, I also want to say it’s been a rough week. I’ve messed up so many things lately. I’ve mailed things to the wrong person, ordered the wrong item (more than once!!) and screwed up some order payments. So, my nerves are raw and my emotions are high… Funny how something amazing can happen in the mist of what seems like chaos…Today’s card seems to represent the way life has been lately.
As I  mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve been trying to go “Clean and Simple” with my designs and it just isn’t going well…This card is a clear example of that. There are many things wrong here, but I won’t list them all. Just know this card took me FOREVER! And it should have been simple… But,the idea is there and maybe you can improve on it! 🙂 I’m challenging myself to use the Six Sided Sampler this week. For some reason, I’m not having very good luck with it… What about you? Have you played with this set yet? Please tell me it’s not just me!!!
Hopefully today is a better day…. Thanks for stopping by!


15 thoughts on “Thank You…”

  1. First of all….Congratulations on earning the cruise, and achieving your goal!! Second, I think your card here is a creative use of the six-sided set and punch. I think I've been intimidated by this set, although I had been wanting a hex punch, and haven't created anything out of the ordinary. I DO see that the hexagon (punch, stamp, or emb folder) can be a honeycomb, chicken wire, and a shape itself. Try it with a bee or chicken, or your beloved "Perfectly Preserved" jar. I love your designs and whimsical fun…embellished or simple;) Thanks for sharing your talent each day!!

  2. Congratz on your cruise! How exciting :} I like your card very much and I was impressed with your creativity as usual. Have a great day and maybe next week will be much better.

  3. Congratulations on achieving your goal, Erica! I know that feeling and I know it takes work to get there! Congrats! And, girl…that is a super cute card…pat yourself on the back today1

  4. Personally, I love your card. Don't be so hard on yourself. You do so many things and keeping up with it all has to be a job itself! Congrats on your cruise.

  5. Hey, Erica, big congratulations on earning the incentive trip!!! What an amazing news! I'm very happy for you. And impressed: you are über creative AND business-savvy! Good on ya…


  6. I love this card !! The buttons on the top of the hexagons look super cute. And congrats on the incentive trip !! What an honour !! I am happy to be going to my first Convention, and that I have to pay for myself hahaha Have a great weekend and don't stress ! Hugs !!


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