Teacher Appreciation Day 3- A Cut Above

Who doesn’t love a good sharp pair of scissors?? I sure do. And as a teacher, and a crafter, I know how quickly those new scissors go dull or walk off! So, I made my girls’ teachers a few pairs of cute scissors that no one will be able to walk away with!

I added Su ribbon and SU Trinkets to the handles. The cute little flower pot is from a local craft store.

The best part though, is hidden here. Can you see it buried down in the rice?

Yep! That’s my favorite paper, Stampin’ Up Designer Stacks! I used Crystal Effects and glued them on the outside of the blades. When they were dry, I sanded them down and added a thick top layer to make them smooth and shiny!

Now maybe all that laminated stuff won’t collect dust before it’s cut out! I have got to make myself some of these!

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  1. Hi erica! Just wanted to let you know I Love this project! I did some scissors for my nephew's teachers and posted about it! I linked folks back to your blog too!

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