Teacher Appreciation Day 1

Today begins our school’s Teacher Appreciation Week. Between my two oldest, we have 4 teachers, so I have to be creative with my budget! I like to do a little something each day. I am going to share all my ideas this week, and if you don’t have a teacher, these ideas could be easily used for other events, like birthdays, Secretary’s Day, etc.

Because her teachers have put up with her sassyness all year! LOL!

I found cute bottle koozies at Kirklands. Each has their monogram on them. They were only $3! Bucket from Target and all the yummy ribbon is SU.

The drinks are Cherry Limeade, Cream Soda and Orange Crush.

And don’t forget the bottle opener!

8 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Day 1”

  1. What a awesome idea. I love it. Thanks for sharing. I might try to do something similiar.

  2. What an INCREDIBLE idea!!! Wish I had thought of that earlier, but heck…staff appreciation is coming up soon, sooooooo I'm definitely going to be using your idea here! <—YAHOO!!!!! And another *boink* my head moment, because look how CUTE that pom-pom trim is with the other ribbons that you added on! TFS your idea…checking back daily now, FOR SURE. : )

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