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Is it really Monday already? Ack! How many days till Thanksgiving break???
We had a busy birthday weekend. My “baby” girl turned 5! And her grandma and grandpa got her an American Doll. Her big sisters have one and she has been dying to have her own. She’s a BIG girl now!!
So, no more little kids for me… I feel so torn. I couldn’t wait for them to be big kids and more independent. And now…sigh… it’s just kind of sad. 🙁
Ok, on to today’s project. Because the weekend was so busy, I am sharing something with you from the summer! This was a convention display page!
It features Tag It, but also includes Gorgeous Grunge, Morning Post Alphabet and ABC-123 Outline Alphabet. 

Hope you have a Marvelous Monday! 😉
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2 thoughts on “Tag It!”

  1. Oh Erica, i have 4 girls – 11,6,4 & 2 and somedays I can only dream of their independance and then I look again & they're growing up and away and i just want my babies back 😉 so we got a puppy!

  2. Erica,
    What a milestone for your sweet girl! That first American Girl doll was a big deal!
    Your page is amazing and vibrant! I love it! Genius idea to line up the trophies for a banner.

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