Summer’s End Retreat Pillow Gifts

Hello everyone! I promise don Tuesday I’d show you some of the special treats I made for last weekend’s retreat. We call them pillow gifts because if you were to be at an overnight retreat, these would be left on your pillow! Instead, I just leave them at their work space. 🙂 
First up were some extra Dimensionals. Who doesn’t need these right? I always seem to run out of adhesive when I’m at a retreat! 
Next up a little sugar break in our mini pizza boxes. And this is the best picture I got of the boxes! Boo! 
Inside were some special cookies I had made to match the Best Route suite of products we were using. 
I used a new cookie baker this time and I love what she came up with! 
And then, more sugar to get us though the end of the night! These little plastic jars were found at Michaels. I love them! 
And of course, the bags! I always consider the bags a special treat. It always takes me DAYS to decide on which bag to have printed. I liked the stripes on this one and knew it would go well with the Best Route Suite. 

And here’s a peek at the piles before I put them in the to go kits! I love creating these fun kits! I find it very satisfying to see them completed like this! 
Make sure to stop back by on Friday at 4 PM- we’re having a Blog Hop!! See you then! 

New classes for September! 
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  1. You’re so creative! Everything looks fantastic! I’m sure everyone really enjoyed the time and effort you put into each and everything.

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