Stampin’ Up Founder’s Circle Day 1

There really are not words to describe this experience. Truly, this is an unbelievable place and Stampin’ Up’s focus on detail is like nothing else. I knew Founder’s would be awesome, but truly, I was unprepared for how awesome! 
When I arrived, we had a buffet lunch. It was all different kinds of Crepes! Yum!! 

In the Gathering Room, there were tons of cute displays and bowls, and bowls of yummy candy and treats.

Each day, we get to play a “corn hole” game. Each hole coordinates with a prize. I got Glassine Paper!

Look how cute this display is! I need this table!

I ate so much of this I was almost sick. No self control!! LOL!

I have a beautiful and very big room all to myself!

We each have a beautiful sign on our door. Where should I hang it when I get home? I love it so much!

These were some of the goodies I received on Day 1.

We had a fun “pool party” in the evening. I was assigned tot he Bermuda Bay table. We each received a sweet little handprinted canvas.

As an ice breaker, we played truth or dare.

I can’t even describe how delicious this cake was!! It looks like a chocolate cake, but it had all different kinds of layers. It was amazing!!

We had a BBQ Buffet, again, so delicious!

My plate was a little crowded!! 
And here is my wonderful group- the Bermuda Bays! We had a great time together. 

 Don’t forget to check my Facebook page each day for other fun pictures!

And don’t forget that tomorrow is the deadline for both the Acorn Class and Witch Hat class! Email me to RSVP!

Acorny Thank You Class to Go
$48 plus $6 shipping
Deadline to order: September 18th
Howl-O-Ween Treats Class To Go
$43 plus $6 shipping
Deadline to order: September 27th

Check out my class calendar here! 

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  1. Wow.. how special! Im in Australia and we don't have Founders here, but I will enjoy the experience through your photos!

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