Sprinkles of Life…again!

 Hi everyone! So, every year when the catalog comes out, I splurge on overnight shipping just once! And it’s usually because I have Stamp Club within days of the release and I want them to use the products. So, hear is a picture of this year’s box!! I will show you all the projects tomorrow. 
I was so excited and then was so overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to start!! LOL!
And here is the card we made at my Catalog Kick Off. I used the “blob” stamp from the Layered Letters Alphabet set. I thought it looked like ice cream drips I find on my counter after my kids scoop out some ice cream for their after school snack… Ha! 🙂 The other set is of course form my favorite Sprinkle of Life!
Ok, that’s it form me today. Have a wonderful Thursday! 
Moments Like This Class To Go
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Sprinkles of Life Class To Go
$55 plus shipping, Details here.
Deadline to reserve yours: June 20 (second round)
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