Space Kamp, last day…

Well, here are all my Space Cadets…I mean Astronauts! Are they not so super cute?
We started today by taking all those little papers we made yesterday and punching out circles (using my Stampin Up punches!) to represent each planet. Since I have million different size punches, we were able to punch them in roughly the right size scale… OK, kind of to “scale.”
The loved punching and were really good at it!

We then sang our Planet song as we glued the planets in order.
Planet Song by Dr. Jean
I bought a MERCURY to visit friends on VENUS, but how on EARTH will I ever get to MARS? Jumpin’ JUPITER, SATURN’S party’s on Saturday. URANUS and NEPTUNE can ride in PLUTO’S car!
We added a few rings to the planets and we were done with our Planet Poster. Oh I forgot to mention they used oil pastels to draw the sun and I spritzed them with white paint (stars.)

Next we painted our rockets from Day 2. They loved doing this. However, I am sick because I forgot to send these home! 🙁 If your a mom of one of my Kampers, please come by my room in August and pick yours up! They are so cute!

Have I mentioned how much I love these Tempera cakes? They are awesome! Way less mess and much more bright than watercolors!

Next, we glued on the NASA logo and American Flag on our helmets.

And, I saved the best for last! We made rockets out of poster board. I hot glued a film canister in the bottom. We took them outside and put an Alka Seltzer and some water in the film canister, quickly put the top on, put the rocket on the ground and counted down. The rockets pop pretty high in there air. Its so awesome!
As we were coming in, they were saying I was the best teacher ever! YESSSS! All it takes is a little Alka Seltzer, and I am now “the best teacher ever!” I have arrived my friends.. 😉

I didn’t get any pictures of the rockets in the air. It was too difficult to do both. So here they are playing with their rockets!

Last snack of the week; Earth Cookies!

And, having a little parade in the yard showing off our awesome helmets!

Thanks everybody for all the fun and for checking out what we’ve been doing this week! If you have enjoyed seeing what the kiddos have been doing, please leave me a comment on the link below! Thanks!

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  1. Erica this looks like so much fun! What a great thing to offer for the kids. Wish we were closer so I could send mine 🙂 You are the best!

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