Space Kamp; Day 3

Today was another messy day! Maybe even messier than yesterday! Yikes! But messy is fun when your 6!

We started by painting out helmets. We also tried them on and all had a good laugh!

The next part of the morning was to start the texture painting for our planet poster. We did sever different techniques for all the planets. this required lots of set up, clean up between each one. So, the kids got to play with moon sand, draw solar systems, aliens and rockets with side walk chalk or watch Space Chimps during the times they were waiting to be called. I called groups of 4 kids for each 9 planets. Yes, it took the rest of the morning! 🙂

The first planet was Mercury. We painted the paper grey and then used bubble wrap dipped in black paint to make craters.

Next was Venus. We did marbleizing. In a bowl, we poured a little starch and a couple colors of paint. The kids used a skewer to make squiggles. Then we put the paper down on the paint, pealed it up and rinsed it in water. It made a beautiful pattern!

Earth was done in the same way.

Mars was created by painting our paper all orange. then we used an empty bottle to stamp circles in red to represent the big craters that are seen on the surface of mars.

Jupiter was created by doing marble painting. just as it sounds, we used marbles that had been dipped in paint and rolled them around on our paper! A few naughty marbles jumped out and rolled across the floor! Thank God for tile! 😉

Next was Uranus. We once again did the marbleized technique.

Pluto was next. (Yes, we got out of order!) We painted our paper light blue and then used a “massage roller” that had little bumps all over it. We rolled it across to make bumps.

Last was Neptune. We finger painted Neptune with good old fashion finger paint!

Looks like I missed taking pictures of Saturn! We used another massage roller that made stripes. Here are all our little papers. About 95 to be exact! Tomorrow we will use circle punches in a variety of sizes to punch out our planets.

We finally got to snack. We had blue jello (the sky) and marshmallow stars.

And, of course they wanted to watch Space Chimps while they ate!

Tomorrow is our last day. We will paint our clay rockets, finish up our helmets, and our planet poster and hopefully have time to make our Alka Seltzer Rockets!
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