Space Kamp; Day 2

Whew! What a wild day we had today! We started out by doing the first step in our Astronaut Helmets. The plan was to paper mache the big balloons with strips of paper towels. I chose to use paper towels this time because I realized the white tempera paint we will be using to paint them wont cover up the print on the newspaper.

Unfortunately, the paper towels weren’t cutting it. They were sliding off and getting slimy. (I need to email that website that suggested using paper towels! Grr!) So, we switched directions mid stream and started using the newspaper that I had luckily already torn into strips. We were still having trouble because the balloons were flopping all over the place. Needless to say, we were all covered in paste and frustrated. But, we chugged through and had some fun in the process!

We had a HUGE clean up today. We had paste EVERYWHERE!

Our snack today was star shaped marshmallows! They were a big hit!

This is where I forgot to take pictures! I was so wrapped up in the clay and wiped out from the paper mache, I just completely forgot! So, here are the products! We used salt dough again. We made these really cool rockets! I cooked them in the oven today and will paint them either tomorrow of Thursday.

And in case you were wondering, here are our “eggs.” They will look like really cool helmets by Thursday.. I hope! 😉

Tomorrow- Paint the helmets and start working on our planets. We will be using different painting techniques to represent the texture of each planet! Check back tomorrow!

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