Simple Thank You (Artisan Non Winner)

I was very on the fence with this card when trying to decide what to send in for the Artisan Award. But, I love this ribbon technique and decided to go with it.

This is the In Color Ribbon. I cut the edges off and then pulled all the fibers out. It’s kind of “crimped” when it comes apart.

I did add some details inside. The backside of the cover also had some stuff on it. It is a simple card with lots of wow factor, I think.

So, I am ready for convention! I am a littler nervous, as I have never been before! I leave at 6 am on Wednesday and then have a three hour lay over in VEGAS!!! What ever will I do to pass the time.. hmmmmm..

Anyway, staying at the Hilton with my friend Tammy. If you are going, I would love to meet you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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