Fancy Friday Blog Hop- Mr. Funny Bones & Dog Treats (Video Tutorial)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Fancy Friday Blog Hop! This month’s theme: Holidays!

Well, you all know I am up to my neck in Halloween! So, today, I bring you another Halloween project I created for this Saturday’s craft fair. 
Let me first show you my models, Mac and Charlie, showing off these cute Doggie Halloween Treats! You have NO idea how many times I had to try before I got this picture. These two are Cray- Cray (and in desperate need for a visit to the groomer!) They normally help themselves to treats they find in my office, so to get them to sit still for a minute long enough to get a picture was a miracle! ha! 

I was inspired by Sue Plote’s little doggie treats she recently showcased on Instagram. I knew I had to make something similar for this particular craft show. Lots of people bring their little dogs to this show. 

Mr. Funny Bone’s to the rescue again! I am getting miles out of this stamp set, I tell ya! And these are our new Gussetted bags. Love them! They are the perfect size! 

I made a tray full! I plan to sell them for $5 each. Hopefully they are a big hit! 
Or these two will be getting plenty of treat leftovers! 
And I made you a quick video so you can make some for the puppies in your life too!

Video Direct Link:

Ok, you’re off to the next blog, Jen Timko. Enjoy!

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