Scrapbook Sunday!

So, have you noticed anything new this morning? I worked on my header and buttons last night! Thanks to my friend Erin, I now know a little bit more on how to make it centered! I made it in My Digital Studio! I am so excited to play with MDS a little more. I’ve played with it some, but I learned a few things at Leadership which have made me more excited to spend some more time with it!
Today’s scrapbook page is all about Addie and her total crazy three-ness. Who has a three year old? Then you know what I’m talking about! Happy one minute, made the next! Demanding, sweet, cuddly, wild! All these can describe my third born!

 All of these faces happened within about 30 seconds of each other!

I tried to make the word Naughty look like it was falling and tangled in lights. Kind of like Addie’s moods!

I’m off to church! Can’t wait to spend the afternoon in the bat cave today! Have a great Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Scrapbook Sunday!”

  1. What a fabulous page! I love that you captured her mood swings! So often, we try to make the scrapbooks perfect, when they really should reflect real life! Tangling the lights around naughty was such an artistic touch! Beautiful page!
    BTW- As a preschool teacher, I can completely relate to 'three-ness', but there is never a dull moment and I really enjoy this age! Now, age 13 is a different story…(can you tell I'm learning with my first teen?)

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