Scrapbook Saturday- Pinterest Inspired

Pinterest has become my new go to for everything! I mean, I no longer google, I Pinterest! It is fabulous! My only frustration is that if the person who has pinned the picture has not labeled it as the thing it is (Fall Scrapbook Page) and labels it instead something they feel (Love this!, Awesome!, etc), we won’t be able to find it. But, I guess that isn’t really the purpose of Pinterest, is it? But, for the most part, I always find what I am looking for!
This week, my little girls had their school Thanksgiving feast. Since I have a fabulous printer, I printed the pictures I took immediately! Then, I headed to Pinterest and searched Thanksgiving Pages. Found nothing great. So, I began clicking here and there and found THIS page and THIS art activity. And, voila- INSPIRED!

See that little “Mayflower”? That’s Emma’s hand I traced onto Soft Suede CS! Cute! And, I have her little hand print preserved forever! I also used it as my journaling block!

All my embellishments are form my stash..random things I can’t credit to any company.. Just cute stuff I stash away for just the right time!

And these “lollies?” I didn’t make them. All thought do make them, I don’t like making them. These were premade and in a little package I bought SWEET! 😉

So, that’s my latest creation! Today I am preparing for tomorrow’s Christmas Card Making Marathon! I am so excited! I have been baking today with ingredients like White Chocolate, Cranberries, Cream Cheese, Peppermint… All Pinterest finds as well! Tomorrow night, I will show you everything I made. Have a great SATURDAY!

6 thoughts on “Scrapbook Saturday- Pinterest Inspired”

  1. Soo cute! I love the Mayflower "hand".
    I love pinterest too, I have found so many neat things on there.


  2. Wonderful page and how special with the hand tracing! I am a pinterest junkie! I have to admit that I pin way more than I actually make…

  3. I love your ideas in this scrapbook page…I hope you don't mind but I am going to have to case this for my two little ones!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!


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