Scrapbook Saturday.. An Artisan Sneak Peek!

I am SO excited to tell you that the Artisan Award Design Team Blog Hop begins Monday! We will each be showing you one of our winning entries everyday for 10 days! I know that I for one have LOVED the past year’s Artisan Blog Hops. I still can not believe I am one of the 10 this year and will be participating in this blog hop!
Today, I’m going to show you one of my entries that was not shown at convention! Here is me in front of my board in July.
Missing, was my very favorite Scrapbook page, really of all time I think! I went back and forth with whether I should send it at all because I loved it so much, I really didn’t want to let it go! I ended up sending 4 scrapbook pages, instead of the required 3 because I just couldn’t narrow it down. So, I guess SU narrowed it down for me! LOL!
So, here is my lost Artisan Award entry from this past year.  

 Hand stitching galore, which I can not stand to do! But, it’s so pretty I force myself to do it sometimes.

 Chipboard butterfly…

Too many products to mention, most of which are retired now anyway. But, I love this page and am devastated that it must have gotten tossed aside.. lol. I know, it was worth the loss, but out of everything I sent in , this was the one thing I truly didn’t want to part with…
Anyhow, makes sure you come back Monday evening. Our Blog Hop will be up by 8 pm CST! I am SO EXCITED!!
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