Scallop Envelope Creation

I was up way too late the other night, mindlessly surfing the stampin’ blogs and got an idea for the Scallop Envelop Die. I immedietly had to go and make it. SO, needless to say, I was up REALLY late that night!

I’m really into these colors lately, Red, yellow and Chocolate!

When you open it up, you have this little folder that has pockets for all kind of things! And a place for a nice hand written note.

Gift cards…

Maybe fancy Tea and a Starbucks giftcard? It could hold a pricey gift, like a gift card, or an inexpensive pick me up like chocolate or tea! I also thought this would make a nice gift for the babysitter. My girls could each write a little note to slide in with a $10 gift card in each envelope. I figured a way to make the envelopes hold the gift card horizontaly, and I will show you that next week.
So, what should I call this? A folder? A Wallet?? Suggestions would be appreciated! And, if enough people are interested, I will make a tutorial for this as well. Its fun and pretty easy to make! Let me know, leave me a comment! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Scallop Envelope Creation”

  1. It's wonderful! So much better than just a card yet not too complicated. I would love to have the template please!

    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Terri Chadwick

  2. I'm loving those colors too…thinking maybe that's what I want to do my calendar cover in this year!

  3. I'm expecting this on my birthday this year cause I LOVE IT!!! You could call it the Kangaroo Kard kuz it has pockets. Or the Cubby cuz it has lots of compartments. Or the Armoire or. . . . . . .

  4. Sooo clever! This would also be great as a teacher gift from the class. Sometimes we get multiple gift cards and this would be an awesome way to present it. They'd be sooo impressed. TFS!

  5. Would you share your instructions? I would love to make this to cheer up a friend. Do you have a site where I can print instructions? Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

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