Rise to the Challenge, Week 4

This week’s challenge:

Symmetry & Monochromatic
Make a symmetrical LO that is also monochromatic. (monochromatic means only 1 color, no black, no white etc…. ) (Your photo is the only thing that can have color other then the color of choice in your monochromatic)

Your LO must include the following:
Technique – Stamping (Be creative!!)
Elements – Brads & Ribbon must be used

This challenge was HAAAARRRRRDDDD! But, I am so in love with what I came up with. It is possibly my most favorite LO ever! This is my adorable hubby when he was 9. The title/journaling are a country song.

And, what did the judges say?
Well, lets just say they did not agree with my love of this LO. My score was the lowest yet!! Boo! But, I dont even care this week because I love it so much. Here is what the said:
Erica 39 (out of 50)
Very pretty!Amazing. The wings are the perfect touch here – not contrived at all but really add to the feel of the page. Love the use of the song, and the clusters at the corners of the pics.really really realllllly like this LO, great job!!!! and i love the song too!I love it! Great job! I hated taking points off, but had to because there is white & gold in some of the pp.
So, nice comments, but obviously they didn’t say what they really thought because my score was low. Not sure why it was so low.
Next week: scrap somethign other than pictures, emboss and you can only use a total of 20 items. YIKES! 20 items?? So not how I do things!!! LOL!

3 thoughts on “Rise to the Challenge, Week 4”

  1. Great LO!! I thin kthe judges are just getting harder on everyone (challenge host asked them too 😉 )I do think it’s a great LO!!

  2. Beautiful layout! I have to agree w/ you….one of my favorite ever from you!! Amazing job…keep up the great work!

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