Rise to the Challenge, Week 3

OK, so I threw a {mild} tantrum last week over the critique of my LO. I guess the judges are afraid of another outburst from me, so they didn’t say much this time! LOL. I have become *that* student! Ooops!

Anyhow, the rules this week were to make your photo the center of attention in your layout. Also, you had to have an arrow , doodling and a pocket.

I made the tiny glasses out of wire and then made the tiny little pocket for them to go in. Turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself! 🙂

My score was a 40 out of 50. Lower than before, but still pretty good. This is what the judges said:

Spectacular” LO!! I love that it’s so busy, but the focus is definitely on the pictures. Great little pocket and glasses!I love, love, love your pocket with the little wire glasses. I love that whole cluster in the bottom left corner, and I love that you drew a flower for the bottom layer. Perfect title for your spectacular LO.The pocket with glasses is just too cute! Very creative!Very pretty, and clever title.

So, next weeks challenge is monocromatic (gag) and symetrical. Its done and I LOVE IT! Even if it is monocromatic! Stay tuned…

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