Rise to the Challenge, Week 2

I am participating in a challenge over at ASP called Rise to the Challenge. Each week a challenge is posted and you are to complete the challenge and submit your LO to be judged on 5 criteria, unknown to you. Each LO is given a score out of 50.

Here are the rules for this week’s challenge:
You must include a clear object on your LO (ie. recycle some plastic packaging, ghost shape..etc)
You must use at least 1 punch on your page (be creative!)
You must treat the Ad as a LIFT (not just inspiration of colors etc.)
I knew immediately what I was going to do, as we had just returned from the Wild seed Farm!

I used clear embossing powder (the flowers on the CS, although they look green!) and Crystal Effects for my clear item, and a scallop edged punch. I don’t usually do this kind of LO, kind of cheesy with the shaped pics, but I do like it alot. It turned out cute and looks very different from my other stuff. Normally, a LO takes me an hour, maybe an hour and a half. I worked on this one for 3 days!!!

I got a 44 out of 50. Better than last weeks. (I can’t post last weeks yet as its going to go on DI, but will once its posted over there! I think I got a 40 last week…)
Here is how we were judged:
1. Over All LO Creativity (1-10)
2. Use of the Clear Object (creativity of the object too) (1-10)
3. Following the Ad as a Lift (1-10)
4. Use of technique (punch) (1-10)
5. Page Coordination (ie. PP matches, colors work together, photo correlates to the page elements) (1-10)
And this is what the judges said:
Beautiful LO. Love all the different details. I think the clear embossing powder was a bit of a stretch on the “use a clear object” requirement, so I took off a few points for that.
I love all the detail and dimension of the page. I think the idea of the faces in the flowers are cute, but maybe you could have downsized the flowers and up sized the pictures. This could work as a really cute idea for a card!
Simply Amazing!!!!!!!!!! I love your attention to detail and the design is freaking cute! I also love all the dimension! Blew me away!
This LO is so full of fun details and fun patterns that I can’t even tell you what I like best! Love the title in the upper corner. Very creative!Very sweet!

Hmmm… OK, I know I am being silly, but I think the use of clear embossing powder is thinking outside the box! Thinking inside the box would be to use either a ghost shape or a piece of clear packaging. IDK, maybe I am just overly sensitive. I do appreciate the feedback and will try to grow thicker skin before next week…

1 thought on “Rise to the Challenge, Week 2”

  1. I love you woman but think of it this way… regardless of what the judges SAID you still tied for the high score this week. It’s a beautiful LO and the points reflect that!

    Shoot, they told me my “clear object” looked like a WORM!? WTF! LOL!

    Anyway… just wanted you to know that I am trying to kick your ass here so you should quit yer whining! 😉

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