Rise to the Challenge, Final Week

This week’s challenge was to do a LO that had no pictures, had some kind of embossing and had only 20 things. Yikes! OK, so I can handle the embossing, and maybe even the no pictures, but I HATE being limited on my quantity. I am a “throw lots and lots of embellies on a page” kind of girl!

That being said, I like how it turned out. I actually downloaded the Cricut Design Studio so I could weld my words so I didn’t have to count each letter. Yea, so gonna have to buy the full version now…

My 20 items are: (all ink and embossing powders were free)
embossed chipboard- 8
black CS 1
Ellie’s list-
1title-2 welded words
I used UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamal) and pigmanet ink on my chipboard. You have to do three layers to get the glassy look. I always love how it looks!

Here is what the jugdes said:
Erica 44 (out of 50)
I love how you distressed and inked the chipboard!this is awesome! i think things like this are exactly what should be scrapbooked. great job!What a wonderful item to include in your scrapbook! Documenting not only her wishes, which will be fun to look back on, but also her efforts at handwriting and spelling. The list made me nostalgic and I’m not even her mother! lol! I love the way you cut the pp, and layered the two tone-on tone patterns; and I love the embossed vine and hearts. Nice job.
So, I am happy with the results. I think this week’s score was dead on.
I did pretty well on this competition in the end. It was a great challenge. I love having tough scrappy challenges. It really pushes me to think outside my normal box. I am usualy “Uhg! I don’t like this challenge” at first, but then I end up loving what I come up with.
So, thanks Misty for a great challenge. And thanks judges for putting up with my whining and for giving me some nice comments as well as some constructive critisim! I really enjoyed it and once again, grew as an artist!

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