Ride With Me- Different Coloring Options

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to show you a few options for coloring the precious truck stamp that’s in the Ride With Me Bundle, which is my product of the week! 
You have several choices when it comes to coloring options for stamped images. I chose to color the truck three ways, all using Real Red, Basic Black and Smoky Slate as the main colors. You can see the comparison in the photo above, showing the Stampin’ Blends, Watercolor Pencils and an Aqua Painter and our Classic Ink. They each have a very different look and each are different levels of difficulty. It really comes down to your preference. Which way to you prefer to color?  

First up, you can see the truck painted with our Classic Ink and an Aqua Painter. When you use this option, you need to use Staz On Black ink to stamp your truck so that it doesn’t bleed. Staz On is an Alcohol based ink and therefore your best option with adding water. You do need to be careful when using Photopolymer stamps and Staz On. Make sure to clean your stamp immediately and follow up with our new Stamp Cleaning Pad. If you leave the Staz On ink on your stamp, it will stain and also, in my opinion, alter the texture of your stamp. So, clean immediately! 

Also, when watercoloring like this, you need to use Watercolor Paper or Shimmer White Cardstock. I love to color images like this. You can squeeze your ink pad to get ink on the lid and then use the lid as a paint pallet. This does take some practice as controlling the water is very important! It can get out of control quickly if you use too much. I also love how layers of ink can be used to create bright, vivid images. 

Next up, I used Stampin’ Up’s Watercolor Pencils and an Aqua Painter. Again, because we are using water, you need to stamp your truck in Staz On Black

Watercolor Pencils are easier to use than classic ink because you have much better control. First, you color the image with the pencil, then you go back and paint it with water to get a smoother look. You can continue to add color as you go. The drawback here for me is that the color isn’t quite as vivid. 

Lastly, I used our wonderful Stampin’ Blends. This is my preferred method of coloring these days because it’s so easy! And the ink blends together so smoothly and gives you a lovely finished project. When you use Stampin’ Blends, you need to stamp the truck in Memento Black ink. The markers are alcohol based so you need to start with a water based ink. This ink won’t stain your stamps and can be washed easily on a Simply Shammy. 

So now, let’s take a look at them in their final forms- fun greeting cards! 

Stampin’ Blends

 Watercolor Pencils 

Classic Ink

I also used the Artisan Textures stamp set to create the mud splatters. 

I hope you’ll join me tomorrow, Friday June 21st for Facebook Friday! I’ll show you three more Ride With Me projects including another way to “color” your image! 
Make sure you have joined my Facebook Group so you can watch! Everyone is welcome! See you then! 
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