Retired Stamps For Sale

ETA: WOW! That was FAST! Lots of things SOLD (marked to show.) 
I am listing all of my remaining retired stamp sets. Email me to claim the ones you want and also send me your zip code so that I can figure shipping. I will send you an invoice via PayPal and mail them the day after I receive your payment.
All are used and mounted. I will remove or post SOLD next to them once they are gone. I have them listed on a tab at the top of my blog as well for future use!
 So Happy for you $8                         Eat Chocolate $5 SOLD

 Apple Blossoms $8 SOLD                          Filled With Love $ 9

 Pedaling Past $7    SOLD                      Cute by the Inch $10 SOLD
 Northern Hearts $6                     Bliss $6 SOLD
 Long Fellows $7 SOLD                         Afterthoughts $ 6
 Large Blossom $3
 Simply Said $11 SOLD
 Tropical Party $7   SOLD          Christmas Punch $8
 Love Bandit $7            Love O Meter $3SOLD
 Easter Bloom $6  SOLD      Happy Together$6 SOLD
 Lots of Bots $6  SOLD           Sprinkles $4
 A Flower for All Seasons $5       Wellness Wishes $ 5
 Things I Love $7              Forest Friends $5 SOLD
 All A Flutter $2 SOLD
Texture Plates Kit #4 (For embossing) $6 SOLD

2 thoughts on “Retired Stamps For Sale”

  1. Erica,
    I am unable to send emails with a link. Not sure why. Anyway, I wanted to purchase 3 of your sets.

    1. Easter Bloom
    2. Pedaling Past
    3. Happy Together.

    My email is and my zip is 97312.
    Kim Caldwell

  2. Hey me again. Just chatted with a friend and she wants filled with love. Can we combine the order and do 1 shipping? You can just send them here and I will get it to her. Thanks. Kim

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