The Rejected…

This is the last week of the Rise to the Challenge contest and I didn’t like what I made, so I made another LO. I didn’t like it much either, so I decided to submit the first one. It has to have no pictures and some kind of memento as the theme. It also has to have embossing and only 20 items total. So, here is the rejected of the two.

Yes, believe it or not, there is only 20 items on this page. I am too lazy to go get my liest, just trust me!

The tooth is cut out of Chipboard and embossed with UTEE and Dazling Diamonds. That cute little tooth holder is from my LSS. I thought it was so cool cause I had no idea what I…uhem, I mean the tooth fairy, should do with all those teeth. I remember my mom kept them in her jewelery box, but I wanted something a little more permanent.
Anyway, check back tomorrow as we are doing another ASP blog jump!!

4 thoughts on “The Rejected…”

  1. so so cute! i can’t believe this was your “reject”… really? it’s awesome! so, how do you get the teeth to stay in that container?? and i love the tooth chart… where did you get that?

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