Regionals Recap…WOW!


That’s how I felt when I drove home last night from Regionals. The whole thing was just amazing. It lit a fire in me on so many levels! It was my first official SU event and I was pretty nervous! LOL! I went by myself, drove 5 hours to Ft Worth, and I was just coming off being sick all week. I came very, very close to not going! But, I thought about the HOURS I spent on my swaps, and I thought what a waste if I don’t go!

So, I did, and it was AMAZING! I learned so much. I met so many people. I met some blog readers, which blows my mind because I swear my mom is the only one who reads this! LOL! No, I know she isn’t the only one, but sometimes I think “Is anybody out there??” LOL!

The highlight of the day for me came at the very end. Shelli Garnder, co founder and CEO of Stampin’ Up, chose her favorite card from all the swaps. She actually chose three. And, guess what. My mushroom card was one! OMG! I swear I thought my heart would beat out of my chest! It was so crazy! I got to go up on stage and she hugged me and handed me a handmade card with a shopping spree in it! WOW…. I wish I had a picture of that moment. Pretty much indescribable! I’m new to all this, so I still fill like a baby Demonstrator… I can’t believe it… Have I said that already??

Anyway, this is the card that won me the honor

My husband asked me how many people were there, and I am so not a good judge of this. Maybe 500?? Maybe I am off, I don’t know. This is the stage form the back of the room. I was about 3 tables back from the front and was sitting with a fun bunch of ladies, whom I had never met! I feel so lucky to have met Robin especially! (Hi Robin!) SU people are so nice! 🙂

First up was Shelli Gardner. She is such a great speaker! She showed us some things she has been working on that include SU’s new fabric. This is a cute little card holder. So, guess whats on my order today? Yep, fabric…LOL!

Here she is at work.

Throughout the day we heard from many speakers. This was Shannon West who showed us some cool aspects of our products.

This is Mark Jensen, a very funny guy. He showed us some very cool techniques, that you will see herre in the months to come!

There were 7 “Workshop Wow” presenters. They are local Demonstrators who were chosen to show us some cool things we could do at our workshops. I didn’t get pictures of all of them (BOO!) but, here are some of them.

This was from Smanatha Roberts from Tyler Texas. She showed us how to make our own embossing plates using punches. Very cool! 🙂

This very cool LO was from Twila Monyhan. She talked about how to make things simple and then how to step them up a little if you want. I love this LO!

And, I LOVED this! This was actualy a WW on Friday, but I saw the sample and heard from others that this was made out of a coffee filter! Amazing! It is from Sharon Cheng

At the end of the day, Glenda Travelstead came out to do a fake workshop. She blew me away. She was funny, entertaining, real, ethusiastic.. just everything I want to be as a demo.

I wanted to show you a few of my favorite swaps. Some of these weren’t even mine, just ones that were given out. I don’t have names for these, so if you see yours , PLEASE let me know so I can give you credit!

This was on one of the display boards. Not sure if it was a swap or what, but I LOVED it! Look at those eyes!!

Another fun display.

Lastly, here is a display board of a new stamp set that will be out in the Occasions Mini in January. Yea, I want it BAD! It’s called Eat Chocolate! And, guess what. You and I can both get it! What?? Yep, if YOU would like to join my team and do these amazingly fun things with me, please email me so I can tell you how we can both get this set for free. You can also get a gorgous supply tote for a limited time too! Its so pretty!!

So, thats Regionals in a nutshell. Such a fun and exciting day. If anyone happend to snap my picture with Shelli, PLEASE send it to me… One of the most amazing moments for me and I did’nt take a picture…sigh…
I’ll be back tonight to post a card! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Regionals Recap…WOW!”

  1. I TOLD you that was a great card…that's why I wanted to CASE it!!! WOOHOO! You rock and you didn't even know it! 😀 Glad you had fun….our regionals are coming up Oct 2 and I can't wait!

  2. I follow your blog every day and had a problem posting a comment – hope this one works! I'm so glad you got to attend the regional meeting. Do plan on going to convention in 2011 – it will blow you away. Congratulations on your card being picked by Shelli. I think all of your cards are winners. I don't know how you do it all, with your darling family, teaching and being a demonstrator. TFS.

  3. congratulations on being picked by Shelli! you know that everyone will be CASEing your card now, don't you!

    I made the hand-sanitizer holders last Friday at my class and the gals loved them. I gave them your blog address, so maybe you'll be getting more hits from central Indiana!

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