Perpetual Calendar Tutorial

Good morning! Today I am the feautured designer at The Pink Elephant. I am reposting here for all my loyal blog followers!

It’s a new year, and I am determined to send out as many cards as I make! So, in order to stay organized, I made a Perpetual Calendar, or a calendar that reminds you of important dates that happen every year such as birthdays and anniversaries.
Supply List:
6″ X 12″ Chipboard
6 “X 12” Pattern Paper
Permanent Adhesive
Sanding File
Crop A Dile
2 Clothespins
Spray Paint
Sticky Strip
Calendar (See below)
Supplies to decorate as you want

For this project you will need a 12 month calendar. I have created a free file for you to use! You can get it here.

Start out by covering the piece of chipboard (6″ X 12″) with adhesive. I use my ATG adhesive gun, but you can use Modge Podge or a permanent adhesive tape. Make sure to go around the edges and a few strips in the middle.

I am using a piece from Stampin’ Up called On Board Chipboard. But, you can use some from anywhere. Chipboard can be found on the back of a spiral notebook, inside packaging of Pattern Paper, or at your local craft store. Its just a sturdy piece of thick board, like a coaster you would find at a restaurant.

Lay your piece of paper down and trim away an excess with a craft knife. Take a nail file and file down the edges so that the are smooth and even with the chip board. It also will give it a little bit of a distressed feel.

Using a brown ink, go around the edges you just sanded. This will give it an even more distressed feel.

Using a Crop A Dile, Punch two holes at the top about an inch in from top and side. These will be your ribbon holes. You can decorate the front as you like. I added a border to the top and bottom.

Print off the calendar from the link at the top of this post. Trim down each month so that they are all the same size. I chose to leave the border, but you can cut it off if you like. It really won’t make a difference.

Spray Paint two clothes pins black. This will take a while to dry, so do it before you start your calendar art work. You only need to spray the front and sides. The back will be flat on the paper.

Decorate the top of each month. I went pretty simple, but they sky’s the limit here! You can use stamps as I did, or Pattern Paper, Card Stock, punches, clip art, etc. This is also a great project for your kids to get involved in! Let them help you decorate each month!

When you are done and your clothespins are dry, stack all the pages together and attach the clothespins as shown above.

Apply Sticky Strip on the back of the clothespins.

Attach to the Chip Board. They will hang off the edges a little.

Attach your ribbon by tieing knots on the front and threading through the holes. **I actually changed this when I was done. I liked the knots on the back rather than the fron better. **

I added a little bling to the clothespins and a twine bow.

This project is a great way to start off the New Year. It also makes a fabulous gift! And, if you get the kids involved, it makes a fun gift for a teacher or relative!

Now let’s see what you come up with! Come back and show us what you’ve made. Use the printable to your hearts content! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! See you next month!

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  1. What a great teacher gift idea. I'll have to make one for myself too! Thanks so much for sharing this project (and the pdf file) with us. You rock 😀

  2. Wow this project is awesome, thank you so much. That was very kind of you to offer the pdf for free, I am going to print it right now and make this.

  3. Love it! Your blog is one of my favorites because you have such fresh and fun ideas!!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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