Waiting for summer…

I have a new Lo that is featured today on Daily Inspirations. It makes me long for summer. I am not a fan of winter (yes mom, we do wear coats in San Antonio!) So, scrapping some pictures from last summer makes me long for those hot lazy days. We teachers truly live for SUMMER! …

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Jaundice Sucks!

This is a LO I did to document Addie’s stinkt of Jaundice. All three of my girls have had it and it, well, SUCKS! Anyhow, I loved how this turned out and it was featured on Daily Inspirations yesterday.

Busy Little Scrapper

I have been holding on to these photos for a while, waiting for the perfect sketch. I have started ordering my pictures (some of them) as 3X5 rather than 4X6. I take so many pictures, but yet usually can’t fit more than 2 or 3 on a layout. So, if I print them smaller, then …

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Yep! I said it. Actually I am just repeating Ellie. Yesterday, she yelled down from the play room, and I’m quoting her exactly as she said it: “MOMMMMMMY!!!! Emma has a screw driver! And she is SCREWING everything…including me!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Look at that face! She kills me, the little touble maker, but so damn cute! Gotta …

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Scrappy Stuff

I have a buch of new LOs but can’t post them yet. They will be featured on A Daily Challenge soon. So, untill then, here are a few things I have been working on! Invite for my friend’s son’s birthday. Its a Spurs theme! They took a while.. LOL! And, a couple I can share:

Cheesy BBQ Chicken

AKA; Chilis Montery Chicken. This stuff is AWESOME! Probably the best recipe I have discovered in YEARS! Another one of my favorite blogs, The Hungry Housewife, had it a few weeks back. You have to try it! Its soooooo yummy! Here is a picture from her blog: And here is the link:http://thehungryhousewife.blogspot.com/2009/02/bbq-cheesy-chicken.html Try it! Your …

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Toddler Trouble!

So, this week has been Spring Break. I couldn’t wait for Spring Break! However, it has definitely been a week I have not wanted to repeat… I am not brave enough to take all three kids out in public by myslef. So, that means we would be at home everyday. Which wouldn’t have beenso bad …

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Spring Swap

I had a really hard time comming up with something cute for this swap. I must have made 15 prototypes. But, in the end, I found some things I loved. The suns are my favorite. And that deer stamp is so sweet. I had to use it. The background on the deer tag is a …

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Am I doing this?

Well…I think I am taking the plunge! Everybody has a blog. I read many blogs daily! So, why don’t I have a blog?? Its not like I don’t have a million other things to do…LOL! Like chase my own little buckaroos around all day long! So, stay tuned. This will be a place for scrapbooking, …

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