An ornament is only an ornament unless it is a…

We do this lesson in Kindergarten all the time! Turning a shape into something completly different! I love it! So, I took the challenge of turning an ornament shape into other things. I want my stampers to feel like when they buy the ornament punch, they won’t discard it come January. I wanted to get the most for my money! I know everybody feels the same these days!So, I cased some cards off the internet and came up with a few things myslf. Besides it’s obvious use, here are a few other ideas!


A Bra!!

Two fish (they need some heart bubbles and fins!)

A pumpkin…

So cute, huh? Now if you feel the need to buy this versitile punch, click here. My favorite is the bra…just think of the posibilities!! Please share ideas you may have!! I want to collect as many as I can!

I’ll be back later today to post details on my upcoming Stamp Camp! Oh, and can I ust say that I am bloggin with a sleeping baby in my lap and dinner on the stove! Yes I am queen of multi tasking!!!

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