On Stage Ft Worth

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today, I want to share with you some pictures from On Stage. I had about 10 of my Sweet Stamped team with me locally, while many were at other events around the country. We had SOOO much fun being together. Some of us have known each other for a while, but some of us had only met “virtually” before. It was so amazing finally to get to be together in person! We were all fast friends! 
The room was set beautifully! Lots of color! 
Each table had a color theme and everything matched! 

We listened to presentations, we chatted, we LAUGHED a lot! This is Krystal and we’ve decided we are almost the same person!! LOL!! We share many things in common (like spilling sodas all the time!!) 

We all won Prize Patrol at one point! This is Belynda, who just so happened to be one of my teaching besties when I taught. So glad she’s on my team now! 

Some of us were celebrated for promotions.  This is Denise who celebrated her Bronze Elite promotion! It was her first On Stage! 

 And Teri celebrated her five year milestone! She’s my longest standing team member!! <3 a="" as="" for="" great="" is="" me="" nbsp="" of="" p="" proud="" she="" so="" such="" support="" teri="" well.="" you="">

We even got cupcakes with the 30th Anniversary logo! 
And here we are, some of us, have a wonderful time. 

And this is what happens towards the end of the day when our brain can’t take much more!! (And Alessandra- with as many selfies as we took, I have none of them on my phone!! Send me some! )

The best thing we got was the new catalog!! Would you like one? Anyone who has placed an order with me in the last 12 months will get one in the mail! 
Make sure to check back in the morning for some new color info! Have a great evening! 
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