Oh, Hello Gumball Pouch

There is just something about gumballs that make me smile! They are so fun to use in projects and to pop in your mouth! I will say though, I had no idea how many carbs they have! Oops! I thought it was just gum, you know, you don’t even swallow it! Many gumballs were eaten in the creation of this project… And for this low carb girl, that’s not a good thing! Who knew!! LOL!
This Gumball Pouch is a cinch to make. It’s quick and easy and a great option for showing someone you appreciate them. A bag of gumballs is cheap, but brightening someone’s day is priceless!!

This is another one of my projects from my new Project Planner. Thank you so much for the overwhelming response I have had once again. My blog readers are the BEST! I’ve received some very sweet emails this week, and I hope you all know how much I appreciate it!
If your unsure about it, here is what a few who bought it have said:
OMG!!!!! Wow!!!!  You have sooooooo outdone yourself!!!!! 
The planner is waaaay more than I
ever imagined!!!!

I just purchased the Thanks a Bunch Project planner and LOVE IT!

Thank you so much for the great ideas! Once again, I love everything in this tutorial! 

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