Ode to Archivers

Why, Archivers, must you be so delicious? Why……?
Why must you only live in Memphis where I can only visit you once or twice a year? Why must you have things that I have never seen before… even just days before CHA when there has been nothing new in weeks… WHY?
WHY must I only have cash and no credit cards so that I can take you up on all your yummy little $1.99 deals?? WHY???
Would it really be so bad to use the money I have set aside for Ellie’s school supplies on chipboard albums, rub ons, Thickers and ribbon??Why must you be so, so tempting and beautiful and luscious???
So, I went to Archivers.
In 24 hours.
I am so in love with A’s that I felt the need to take some pictures and share with you the deliciousness in which I found in the deep discounted bins….
Look at those owl rub ons!

Gotta love buttons that are already threaded in cute thread! I hate doing that and am usually too lazy to actually thread my buttons!

Basic Grey stamps. So excited. I went to my LSS the day after they posted pictures of them on their blog and they were already sold out! Of course A’s didn’t sell out!

A Bling Bling Hooty!

Hoot-Hoot! I foresee lot of of owls on my LOs in the coming weeks!

You can’t see it, but of course there was paper with owls too!

And what did I use my 30% off coupon on?

Yummy! Mom is going to make me a matching apron. I will use it to go back and forth to my Stamp in Up Demos! So cute!
Damn you Dave Ramsey Budget! Damn you!

3 thoughts on “Ode to Archivers”

  1. Wow, I was with you both times that you went to Archiver's and I didn't see you buying that stuff. You were trying to sneak it by me weren't you?

  2. No archivers in our area .. .hmmm, that might be a really good thing. Love your tote and to have a matching apron will be perfect. So many great finds. Enjoy.

  3. Those are the CUTEST stamps I've ever seen!!! I want that owl one sooooo bad!!! We don't have archivers in NJ. 🙁

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