My Funny Valentine

Hello everyone! I meant to post these yesterday, but the time just got away from me! We spent Valentine’s Day together as a family and it was so much fun! We are usually so busy going here and there that we don’t have time to just be together. We went to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, came home and played tennis, softball and golf in the cul de sac for several hours. It was wonderful! 🙂 
I made some silly Valentine’s for my family also this year. They are silly, and not my typical style, but they are unique to each of my loves.. 
Wood You Be Mine, Adventure Bound DSP, Boquet Bigz Die
I was inspired by my friend Cyndi Schuster’s Duck Dynasty birthday card last week! So, I created a Duck Dynasty Valentine card for my hubby. He laughed and said he loved it! 
For my twelve year old, I went with Jimmy Fallon’s “Sara” character. We love those funny skits and this was just so perfect for her!! 
My 8 year old is OBSESSED with Mine Craft, so I created this card with my Simply Scored for her. I used Blendabilities to color in he squares… it bled pretty bad out of the lines… but who cares, it’s for an 8 year old =, right?? LOL Plus, she barely even looked at and went straight for the gift…. 
And for my youngest, a little punch art to recreate “Boo the World’s Cutest Dog.” She loves this little dog so much, she has about 15 different Boo stuffed animals, so I thought it was appropriate. My recreation is a little… hmmm… IDK, not my normal style, but whatever, she LOVED it! LOL! 
OK, I hope you had a great Saturday/Valentine’s Day. I’ll be back tomorrow!! 

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