Mucho Smoocho

No puedo obtener suficiente del nuevo verano Smooches Suite! ¿Y tú? Tienen que ordenó todavía?
What? You didn’t know I could speak Spanish??  Ha! I can’t!! Thank you Google Translator! It’s Fiesta Season here in San Antonio, so I was just in the mood to speak a little Spanish… Ole! 😉
Anyway, what I said was, I just can’t get enough of the new Summer Smooches Suite. Have you ordered yours yet? I know you must be getting tired of me talking about it, but seriously, it’s so great! I promise, only one more project… or three.

This little Petite Purse was one of our Club Projects this month. It looks hard (or so said a lot of my girls) but it seriously is super easy! This die is one of the easiest ones to put together, I think.

We even used the coordinating ribbon to make a little bow!

So, if you want to order your own stuff, you can do so HERE. Or, I have a Summer Smooches Product Share available HERE. I only have 2 spots left and it closes on April 20! So, hurry if your interested!
And, in case you’ve forgotten:
2011-2012 Retirement List can be seen HERE.
Product Shares can be seen HERE.
All my classes can be seen HERE.
Stamper’s Round Up Card details can be seen HERE.

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