Million Dollar Sales Retreat Day 2

Hello everyone! I had every intention to update the blog everyday while I was in SLC, but I didn’t anticipate the late night with friends and sheer exhaustion each night! So, I’ll catch you up this week! Today, let’s start with the second day. We all headed over to the Home Office in Riverton!

We all loaded up on a bus after a yummy breakfast- it was such a gorgeous day compared to the previous snowy days. But, it was VERY cold- 22 degrees!!

When we pulled into the home office, there was a crowd of employees waiting for us! There was an employee for each of us waiting with gorgeous bouquets created with our favorite flowers.

I was lucky enough to be greeted by Cori, VP of sales! I adore Cori and she gave me the biggest hug! Let me tell you, a big hug after the two years we’ve had was amazing!

They called our names one at a time and we walked in the front doors where the whole home office cheered. It was epic. It was something I’ll never forget! I’ve seen photos of this recognition before, but nothing can prepare you for the way it feels!

Before the trip, Stampin’ Up sent us a lengthy survey asking about all our favorite things. Each of us had a personalized flower bouquet! Mine had my favorite sunflowers. It truly was amazing the level of detail that went into this event! There were just so many tiny things, it really was very special.

We also received this beautiful box. Inside? A set of 1 Million Dollar Achiever stamps in both red rubber and photopolymer.

I’m not sure how I’ll use them, but I will find a way!! What a special token to have.

One of the most special parts of this trip was the fact that Ted, my husband, was there. He’s my biggest cheerleader. I couldn’t do any of this without him. It was Ted who encouraged me to quit my teaching job years ago to give this a shot. I honestly don’t think I would have been brave enough to do it with out his encouragement. He’s a big “guy’s guy”, but he’s also a pretty emotional person (shh, don’t tell him I told you! he’s a big teddy bear!!) He was as emotional as I was. He just kept saying “I’m so proud of you!” It was also wonderful that he got to see how amazing Stampin’ Up really is.

The rest of the day was spent touring the office and spending time with the staff and other achievers. The time spent with these wonderful people really was the highlight of the whole weekend. They left lots of time for visiting and getting to know each other. The home office staff was genuinely happy and excited to have us there.

My group’s first stop was Demonstrator Support. This is the group we call when we have a question or need help with a problem. They are our lifeline! It was so fun to finally put faces with the names!

Next, we got to visit the Catalog Development team. I’ve signed an NDA so there are lots of things I can’t show you- believe me, I want to show you all of it!!! But, I blurred out lots of the top secret stuff I’d get in trouble if I shared! Here, I’m looking at the 2023 Spring Catalog! And yes, I saw my stamp set in the catalog!! I almost cried! I could barely hear anything they were saying because I was so excited and just wanted to stare at it! Ted zoned in on it too right away. It was magical to see it there on the pages!

Next- the warehouse! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be able to go down on the floor and pick orders. I know it sounds silly, but oh my gosh it was so fun!!

The warehouse is HUGE! There are conveyor belts with boxes going here and there. There are employees taping boxes, picking orders, and labeling the finished boxes. My husband was very impressed with this part!

I can tell you that in the ten minutes that I packed orders, almost every single one had the Horizon Dies in their order!

Last stop was the Legacy Room. If you’ve ever been to the SU home office, this is probably the room you remember. It’s like a museum that tells the story of the company. They’ve recently completely redone it. It’s gorgeous! They asked us not to share any of the photos from in that room, so I’ve cropped this one down small and blurred out everything else. This is the Platinum Elite Wall! When you reach the highest level in the company (Demo level), you get your photo on the wall!! My hubby insisted I take a photo with my photo! I thought it was dumb, but now I’m glad he did! And, my friend Ronda’s photo is right behind my head! I thought that was funny.

We had a special catered lunch, which of course was delicious. Again, I will say, the very best part of the week was spending time with people. And spending time with other Demos is a very important part of maintaining your mojo. We really didn’t talk much business, but we got to know each other better. I can tell you this table laughed a ton!! And talked an awful lot about fishing! Having the guys around really does change the convo!

Again, no detail went unnoticed. Everything was just so adorable!

After we returned to the hotel, we all had a pillow gift! Again, mine was wrapped in the paper they made my original Million Dollar Card with. I got a beautiful Consela Bag! Wow! I love it SO MUCH!!

Ok, so now a funny (not funny) story. Last night when I sat down to type up this post and post a reminder about my Million Dollar Ordering Special, I realized I’d LEFT MY LAPTOP ON THE PLANE!! After several unanswered phone calls, I drove all the way back to the airport. Unbelievably, they had it in the Delta Baggage office! God was really looking out for me! I still can’t believe I left it and I can’t believe I found it!!

So, thankfully, I can remind you now- today is the LAST day to earn these free goodies!

All orders over $50 between March 8-14, 2022 will receive a special thank you gift from me! If your order is over $50, you’ll receive a pack of ten handmade cards (hand envelopes) from me! If your order is over $100, you will also receive the Calming Camellia stamp set. I have lots of these I received during Sale A Bration. You can order anything you want this week. If your order is over $150, don’t use the Host Code so you can also get Stampin’ Rewards. If your order is less than $50, please use Host Code R4SH73D9.
You can order here.

Required disclaimer: The claims published here are not representative of the typical Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. The level of sales required to achieve this result is accomplished by less than .001 percent of Stampin’ Up! demonstrators.

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16 thoughts on “Million Dollar Sales Retreat Day 2”

  1. Beautiful blog Erica. Congrats again on your achievement. Also, thank you for sharing your amazing day. ❤️

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s always nice to feel appreciated and for your accomplishments to be recognized, appreciated and rewarded. ♥️♥️

  3. Congratulations! It all sounds amazing! You should be so proud! Your hard but enjoyable work has paid off. I enjoy watching your on line presence so much!

  4. I’m so happy and proof of you. God placed me with the right people at the right time. So blessed to be on your team, albeit third level. Lol. You are so hard working but have the passion to make everything look so easy, and I know it’s not! This IS a great accomplishment!!

  5. Congrats!! Such an amazing achievement❤️ I’ve admired you art for many years!! Thank you for all of the inspiration😘

  6. Again congratulations on you awesome achievement. So very proud of you girl! Thanks so Much for sharing your day with us all. Loved all the photos too!!
    Stampin up is such an Awesome company!!

  7. So happy for you. Thanks for taking the time to share photos. You have worked hard and we all appreciate all the FB Fridays.

  8. Erica Thank You so much for sharing your Amazing Million Dollar trip! Glad Ted could get to see all of the ins and outs of your business💗

  9. It looks like you have had a wonderful week. You deserve it, with all the heart and work you do. I wanted to let you know that when I ordered yesterday (Sun, 3/13) I could not remember your code, so I didn’t put it on my order. It did go to your name, but without the code. Brenda West

  10. Erica, You are so deserving. So proud to be one of your fans. Look forward to the next Friday.
    Hugs from Oklahoma
    Lynda Thornbury

  11. Thanks for sharing your experience— I’ve really enjoyed it! Thanks for all the pictures and information….and a big congratulations!!!

  12. Congratulations on this milestone event. You are truly blessed and wishing you more success with SU.

  13. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Stampin Up is a wonderful company! They truly do appreciate their employees! Glad they made your week! You ladies work very hard and deserve such a special time!

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