Mediterranean Cruise- Day 6: Cannes and Nice

Hello everyone! I’m back with another round of photos from our recent Stampin’ Up Incentive trip to the Mediterranean Sea! On this day, we landed in Cannes, France (ooh la la!)We didn’t book an excursion, so we headed out on our own with the McKays to explore Cannes and Nice. 

Cannes is a very “rich” city and was compared to me with Beverly Hills. We decided to hop on the train and ride over to Nice. But, the walk tot he train station was gorgeous! We kind of wished we had decided to stay in Cannes!

I was excited to ride the train. I haven’t ridden a train since my husband was stained in Germany. And we have very fond memories of riding to different cities. 
Luckily for us, Angela speaks French! So, she got us tickets and spoke with (a very snooty) French train station employee and got us to where we needed to go! 

Nice was just as beautiful! The beaches! Just wow! 

There were so many cute shops, but we really just window shopped. 

We put in over 20,000 steps that day just wondering the streets and taking in all the beautiful sights. 

There was one shop that we did go in and I LOVED it! I found several cute things for my kids. I wish I could remember the name!! It was full of bright colored, fun items, some toys, some gifts, some home items. It was so much fun!

Although, I was a bit nervous to venture out on our won (with out a tour group) it was a wonderful day!


Thanks for stopping by! You can see all the other posts with Mediterranean Incentive Trip pictures by scrolling all the way down here. 

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