MDS/Cameo Silhouette Video Tutorials (New Spooky Tree Tutorial)

Hello friends!! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on yesterday’s Spooky Tree layout. I found a few extra minutes tonight to show you how to create both the stencil I used for the tree and the title. 
Here is the page in case you didn’t see it yesterday.
And, here is today’s video:

In case you are interested in learning more about how amazing the Cameo is in conjunction with MDS, here are a few more videos I created this summer.

Creating a View Finder Disk using MDS and the Silhouette- Video HERE.
MDS Punch Art Bucket with an E Cutter (Cameo)- Video HERE
Merging a Unique MDS Object into the Silhouette Cameo- Video HERE
Using an MDS SVG file on an E-Cutter- Video HERE
I LOVE MDS and how easy it is to use. I love the HUGE variety of images available. I also LOVE combining it with the Silhouette Cameo! The two are a match made in heaven!
You can give MDS a try for FREE for 30 days!  (Please designate me, Erica Cerwin) as your demo when you download it. :-)) It’s a download to your computer, not a website. It’s easy to use and there is a wealth of videos out there to help you learn how to use it. Please, give me some feedback on these and let me know what else you want to learn. Thanks!!

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1 thought on “MDS/Cameo Silhouette Video Tutorials (New Spooky Tree Tutorial)”

  1. Hi. Thought this might help. There is an easier way to cut SVG files with the designer edition. You can import them directly from the MDS folder (without opening the file in MDS and export it) into your cutting mat. Then you ungroup the image (right click and ungroup) and go to your cut style window (scissors icon) and select cut or cut outer edge. Now the SVG is a cut image and gets a red line around the edge. Red means this is what the machine will cut. Tracing is great but isn't as precise sometimes. It's wonderful for jpeg and png images but not necessary for SVG. Have a great day.


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