Looking for a few new friends…

Sale A Bration is Stampin’ Up’s “golden time.” If you love Stampin’ Up, you know exactly what I mean! Free, exclusive things from a special little catalog. Everyone loves free and exclusive! 
Another bonus is that workshop Hostess get an extra $30 in Hostess benefits when their workshop totals $300 or more. Wow! More FREE!
The biggest perk of Sale A Bration, in my opinion, is the extra spending money you get when you join Stampin’ Up by purchasing the starter kit. 
You get $50 extra! 
To spend on ANYTHING! 
So, for $99, you get $150 to spend. Again, on anything you want!
I started thinking about this, and how this could help so many of my friends and customers get the thing they REALLY want- The Big Shot!
So if the Big Shot is something you have wanted for a while, this is an amazing opportunity for you! For $99, you get the Big Shot. PLUS, you have $51 more to buy the dies, framelits, thinlits, edgelits, and embossing folders to go with it! Or, maybe you want something else. Well, guess what? It’s completely customizable!
So, you might be thinking, “What’s the catch?” 
Uhm… there isn’t one. I promise!
When you join Stampin’ Up, buy purchasing your personalized kit, you are given the title of Stampin’ Up Demonstrator, 30% off your first order and 20% off  after that, exclusive access to new catalog merchandise in May, and ME! Yep, that’s the best part! 🙂
So, now you’re saying, “But wait! I don’t want to sell stuff!”
I know. That’s OK! The majority of SU Demos either started this way or remain this way. 
SU is ok with that. This is YOUR business. It can be a business, or it can be a discount. 
And now, I hear you, you are askingBut what if I don’t sell/buy $300 in the first quarter?
Well, the SU police come to your house and take away your Big Shot. 
Nothing happens. Except, you loose the discount, early access and ME. Well, I’ll still be your friend, I promise! 😉 Really, there is no penalty and absolutely NO PRESSURE!
Again, I promise!
But, if you do think that maybe you’d like to DO what I do with my Stampin’ Up business, I will be here to support you. I can teach you, guide you, give you tips on saving money and earning money, give you project ideas… or leave you alone. Which ever you prefer.. 😉
I’ve said it before, Stampin’ Up has changed my life. Five years ago, I joined to get the discount. And then a few friends wanted to make some calendars, and then a few more wanted to do a club. And the rest is history! 
And you know what the very best part is?
Not the stamps.  

Not the incentive trips. 
Not the extra income.
Not even the Awards
 It’s these amazing, beautiful, crazy friends I have made. I would NEVER know these ladies, who I consider some of my closest friends, if I hadn’t “signed up to get the discount.”
So, give it some thought. (You never knew a simple Big Shot could do so much for you, did you!)
I’d love to have more new members on my team, the Sweet Stampede. Part of your perks for being on my team is that you get all of my project planners for free when they come out! 
If you want to chat about this some more, please email me. If you prefer, I’d be happy to chat with you on the phone as well. Just send me your number and I’ll be in touch. 
If you know you want to take advantage of this amazing deal right now
you can do so HERE on my page. 
I hope you will consider bringing some S sunshine into your llife. 
Oh yea, and a Big Shot and some FREE STUFF!!!
Free with a Sale A Bration order 
or $16
15 Tutorials $15

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  1. Great post – I love all the highlights of becoming a demo. Hope your team grows during SAB. The new friendships are amazing and absolutely the best part.

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