Leaership Day 3

Hi everybody! What a fun and totally exhausting day I had yesterday! Lot’s of new information to pass on and ideas to try. I listened to so many talented ladies, it was wonderful!
OK, so here’s what you need to know
1. Catalog:
The “Big” catalog that we call the Idea Book and Catalog, will now be called the Annual Catalog. It will come out June 1, instead of July 1. If you are a Demo like me, you get the sneak peek in May. Also, the catalogs are going down in price for us which means giving out more catalogs! They price for a box of 8 is being cut in half to $15. Also, it will be 40 pages smaller. It will not longer feature Decor Elements or Simply Adorned.
2. Mini Catalog:
Now called Seasonal Catalogs and will come out twice a year in August and January. They will be bigger (about 8 1/2″ X 11″) and have more in them. They will feature the seasonal suites rather than having them in the big catalog. They will cost the same as the current minis.
3. Stampin’ Success;
This is the wonderful monthly catalog that Demos get. It has been revamped big time. More user friendly.
4. A Diagonal Score Plate for the Simply Scored
This plate sits right down on the Simply Scored and allows you to score diagonally. I played with it yesterday and it’s great. It makes envelopes among other things! Fun!
So, those were the big announcements. I am pretty happy with all of them!
We started the day with a very long general assembly. From left to right Rosemary Diehl, Krista Jensen, Me, Erin Gonzales, Mini

As I browsed the displays, I saw more things I missed the first time!

Free stuff makes us act a fool!!!

Lunch was awesome! I had to take a picture because everybody else was! HA!

Shelli Gardner looked great as always!

Oh my! Rachel and Krista are so excited about the large pearls!! Freeeee!

Sorry Erin! I couldn’t resist! LOL! Can you tell how much fun we were having? This morning it just looks dumb, but at the time, we thought we were so funny!!!

There was a FLASH MOB on the stage and it was the highlight of the day for me! I want one of those shirts!!!

We ended the night on the river walk and ate at Rio Rio. I was so tired, I didn’t think I would make it back to my car!
Can’t wait for today. I’ll give you the low down all day on my Facebook Page! Make sure you check in over there because there are more pictures there as well!!

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