Leadership ’14 Day 2

Hello again from Houston! Day 2 was wonderful and I am exhausted! So, today I have lots of pictures for you, but I’m going to keep it short and sweet with the descriptions. 
I loved this little set of banners created with the banners framelits.

These were fun to see in person. They were created with the new Spiral Flower Die.

This was a swap left at the demo table and I thought is was so pretty. It’s on a lolipop. 

The Fringe Scissors look like alot of fun!

Here are a few scrapbook pages I loved from the Artisan Display Boards. I believe this one was created by my friend Jane. 

I think this is Becky’s. Duh! this cute page is Cindy’s!

I can’t tell who’s this is, but it’s adorable! It belongs to Alanna!

Loved the card with the floating circle. 

Beautiful bright coloring of the Watercolor Wonder Flowers. 


So stinkin’ cute! I think this is Connies.  Who’s is this?

Cute, cute, cute!!

The bag with the arrows- adorable! This bag was created by Cathy.

Alanna’s super cute use of the Ampersand Embossing Folder. 

Love the Hooray card using the Fringe Scissors. It was created by Connie. 

And I just had to snap this picture. Thats my page with the circle photo and my middle daughter’s sweet little face peeking out. It’s so surreal to watch people take photo’s of your creations because they like them. That’s a feeling you just never get used to! Thanks so much to everyone who has stopped me and told me how much they enjoy my blog. You have no idea what that means to me!! 🙂

This is a picture of all of the Artisan Boards. I am so glad we are able to inspire so many of you! We LOVE creating for you! 🙂

I stopped by the MDS booth to hear them chat about the digital downloads that include video classes. 

Another great surprise was the Paper Pumpkin Booth. 

I noticed as I looked at all the past month’s of Paper Pumpkin, and the sneak peeks of the upcomming three months, that the amount of product in the kit’s is getting LARGER!

I am super excited about what’s coming in my Paper Pumpkin. These things are going to be jammed with yummy materials! 

These are some interesting facts about My Paper Pumpkin. If you do not have a subscription, you should sign up now. They will be giving away a 5 pack of Stampin’ Markers with new subscriptions!! Sign up HERE

Lot’s of fun to be had at the Business Tips Booth. 

Lot’s of carving going on at the Undefined Booth. 
One of the classes we attended was with Bonnie Thurber. Erin told Bonnie she makes her Pee her pants every time and Bonnie thought that was so funny she shared it with the class! We love Bonnie!
While waiting to talk with Bonnie, a Demo was standing near by with these swaps. They have Chinese (or maybe Japanese) Kit Kats in them. So cute!!
I’ll leaving you with on picture from Manager’s Reception. Words can not describe how FUN this night was! It will get it’s own post next week, but I had to share this photo that was on Stampin’ Up’s Instagram!!! Yea, we make even a Merry Go Round fun. And no, there was absolutely NO drinking involved!! Diet Coke and Water have this effect on us!! #shennanigans!
We’re headed home this evening. It’s been great HOUSTON!! 

15 Tutorials $15

6 thoughts on “Leadership ’14 Day 2”

  1. Thank you for posting all of these photos. It makes me feel like I was there with you. Next time. Next time.

  2. Erica, I am so glad you are having a great time. I can't take credit for the sb page, but the "hooray" card with the fringe scissors is mine!

  3. Thanks for sharing Erica! Definitely makes us feel a little bit closer to you all there at leadership! Glad you're having fun & hope you feel better! That's my Lennon having fun in the fountains in Kanab this summer after convention in that Retro Fresh SB page.

  4. That's my Hearts scrapbook page as well as the Lovely page. Thanks for sharing Erica! We have been loving all your posts and pictures!

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