Kamp Kindergarten, Space Week; Day 1

This week at Kamp Kindergarten, we are learning all about Space! Today we focused on being an Astronaut. We read several books to find out what they do to become an astronaut, how they prepare for space, what kind of jobs they have once in space, what they wear and what the eat.
Of course, we had to start by making our Briefcase. The kids took home a Research Journal, just like like weeks, and a book about one of the planets in their briefcase.

After all of our reading, we started making our story telling vest.

We filled out cards for each pocket. they pockets were labeled “What do astronauts eat?” “What do Astronauts do in space?” and What do Astronauts eat in space. Their was also a big pocket on the back labeled “What would I do in space?”

After all that hard work, we cooled off with some Rocket Popsicles!

Tomorrow; Paper Mache and salt clay again! Time to get messy!

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