Kamp Kindergarten; Dinosaur Week, Day 1

I am hosting an enrichment camp this week and next at my house. Our theme this week is Dinosaurs!

We started the morning by making our briefcases. These will be our vehicle for taking our research back and forth each day. They are made out of grocery sacks and are super sturdy!

The kids used stickers and foam letters to personalize their breifcase.

They also spent some time exploring my collection of 100+ dinosaurs. We talked about the different features of each one and how those features might have helped them survive. We also read about different ones and identified them through the pictures in the books. We sorted herbivors and carnivors.

Next, we made a book about dinosaurs. The books were made out of envelopes stuck together so they kind of folded out. Each envelope had a different label on the outside and paper on the inside. We wrote facts on the paper inside.

The envelopes were labeled “Types,” “What Happend,” and “Favorite.”

We copied off the names from the pictures we sorted.

Lastly, we decided which dinosaur we wanted to know more about. the kids chose two non fiction books to take home and read. They also took home these research journals that are made out of tiny paper bags. We will use their research later in the week for another activity.
Tomorrow: Fossils and Volcanos! Check back tomorrow night to see what we did!

2 thoughts on “Kamp Kindergarten; Dinosaur Week, Day 1”

  1. What fun!!! I wish I were there. Matt would have loved a dino camp at that age – probably still would.

  2. WOW!!! how stinkin' cool!!!!! i can't believe all the stuff you made for it!! is that why i haven't seen you around lately?? great stuff!

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